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Medicine Bee Herbals - Ordering Beneficial Insects

Ordering Earth Friendly Beneficial Insects

Beneficial insects will be shipped within approximately two weeks when ordered unless prior arrangements have been made. Delayed shipments are not always possible. Additional shipping charges may be applied to delayed shipments.

Please note that we do not ship live beneficial insects to Hawaii or outside the United States.

Shipping Live organisms

Organisms are shipped from different suppliers on various days of the week. Monday through Wednesday, (not Thursdays), to avoid chances of accidental weekend layovers in the UPS or FedEx warehouse. The actual shipping charges include a small handling fee. Sometimes the shipping can be more expensive then the price of the beneficial insects, depending on each situation and where shipped. Remember you are dealing with live insects that need special care!

Please note: When you place your order, you pay for the items only. When we receive your order, we will calculate the shipping fee and you will receive a separate email invoice for the shipping fees. Estimates of the shipping rates are listed below.

The weight and package size are provided for each live insect. You can visit the FedEx web site to get an estimate of the shipping rates.

UPS and FedEx 2nd Day Service Starting at $30.00
When you want organisms either emerging from the egg or pupa in transit or ready to emerge soon after arrival, this is the best option for shipping. Second day service may not be a good idea for freezing weather or when it is hot and you do not want insects already emerged on late arrival.

FedEx Priority or UPS Next Day Service Starting at $40.00
Mites, adult beetles in vials and some adult parasitic wasps should stay cool. Use this service when weather is hot or freezing and/or 7 PM is too late to receive.

Plan Ahead--Let Us Know
A month advance notice is good, two is better, even three months allows discounts on large orders. Call Renee at (408) 234-1976 or email well ahead.

Send us an email to ask about special discounts on multiple orders of the beneficial insects and other products from Medicine Bee Herbals.

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