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Medicine Bee Herbals - Homeopathic Remedies

Desert Earth Gazer - Painting by Renee New HejazeenMedicinal Herbal Liquid Extracts/Tinctures and Single Vegetarian Capsules

Take only what you need and leave the land as you found it.

-- Apache

Medicine Bee Herbals is dedicated to the distribution of natural or wild crafted medicinal herbs. All the bulk herbal tinctures/extracts and vegetarian capsules are selected from the finest harvest. No pesticides, chemical fertilizers, irradiation or chemical gassing.

Extract/Tincture Formulations

These low alcohol herbal tinctures are created using our own exclusive process from Health Herbs, which results in high quality, live concentrated extracts/tinctures.

About Herbal Extracts/Tinctures

Of the five most common ways of taking herbs

  1. Eaten fresh
  2. Dried, powder and encapsulate or tablet
  3. Brewed as teas
  4. As extracts/tincture
  5. As low-alcohol, live concentrated tincture/extracts

The concentrated tincture/extract method is the most effective. Taking fresh herbs is difficult for several reasons. First, it is nearly impossible to get or even find many of these herbs in fresh form. Second, you would have to consume massive qualities of the fresh herb to obtain significant results.

Tea is a good method to use when taking herbs. During the brewing process, many of the beneficial properties of the herbs are liberated and made available for absorption into our system. However, there are some disadvantages to teas; all the properties are not liberated and the heat destroys valuable enzymes.

How to Use Extracts/Tinctures

Tinctures are easy to take, simply place drops under the tongue or in water, tea or juice. In general, a dose of 6-12 drops can be taken 3 or 4 times a day. In times of health crisis, you can take 30-60 drops each ½ hour until the crisis has passed, then resume normal dosages. Half dosages are recommended for young children.

For your convenience you may combine any tinctures or capsules with another or use them before or after prescription medicines. Be sure to monitor the effects and avoid overmedicating.

Note: Some tinctures may appear to be cloudy or have suspended particles. This is normal, as some may contain honey, vinegar, or glycerine. Herbs will also change slightly in color and taste from season to season.

Also, if you are thinking about using herbal medicines it would be a good idea to check with your physician about possible adverse reactions and interactions with medications you may be starting. Also, consult with your physician if you are pregnant or nursing before taking any to these products.

Medicine Bee Herbals, makes no health, therapeutic, or nutritive claims to the healing efficacy to these Herbal Tinctures or Capsules. The empirical evidence of the ages speaks for itself. Also, for more information on botanical research and to obtain reports on medicinal herbs contact the Herb Research Foundation visit there web site at

Herbs A

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Red Scarlet MacawsNot every sweet root gives birth to sweet grass.

-- Tribe Unknown

Adrenals & Hypoglycemia

Ingredients: Licorice Root, Juniper Berry, Wild Yam, Dandelion, and Ginger

Adrenals & Hypoglycemia Tincture $15.40 Qty:


Ingredients: Cat’s Claw, Violet Leaves, Essiac, Shitake, Maitake, Periwinkle, Bhringaraja, Mistletoe, Immune formula, and Red Reishi

Anti-Cancer Tincture (8 oz) $79.64 Qty:

Ashwaganda Winter Cherry [Withania somnifera]

Ayurvedic Tradition Herb

Herb Information

Ashwaganda Tincture (2 oz) $19.84 Qty:

Astragalus Root [A. membranaceus]

A traditional herb for the immune system.

Herb Information

Astragalus Root Tincture (2 oz) $18.70 Qty:
Astragalus Root veg (100 cap) $9.99 Qty:


Ingredients: Yucca, Alfalfa, Buckhorn, Burdock, Parsley, Slippery Elm, Yarrow, Devil’s Claw, and Cayenne

Arthritis Tincture (2 oz) $16.50 Qty:

Herbs B

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Australian ParakeetsThe rain falls on the just and the unjust.


Bhringaraja [Eclipta alba ]

Ayurvedic Tradition Herb

Herb Information


Bhringaraja Tincture (2 oz) $19.80 Qty:

Barberries [Berberis vulgaris]

Herb Information

Barberries Tincture (2 oz) $15.40 Qty:

Bee Pollen Information

Bee Venom Information

Black Cohosh [Cimifuga racemosa]

Herb Information

Black Cohosh Tincture (2 oz) $15.40 Qty:

Blue Cohosh [Caulophyllum thalictroides]

Herb Information

Blue Cohosh Tincture (2 oz) $15.40 Qty:

Burdock [Arctium lappa] 

A traditional herb for the bloodstream.

Herb Information

Burdock Root Tincture (2 oz) $15.40 Qty:
Burdock Root veg (100 caps) $10.99 Qty:

Boswellia [Boswellia Serrata]

Ayurvedic Tradition Herb

Herb Information

Boswellia Tincture (2 oz) $19.80 Qty:
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